Textbooks for Area Schools

Watermark is pleased to provide text books for area schools. The titles listed are required reading, and students receive a 25% discount when ordering from Watermark.

To see which titles are required for your class, click on the link below.

Kapaun Mt. Carmel

AP Senior English

Senior English

Junior English

Honors Sophomore English

Sophomore English

Honors Freshman English

Freshman English

Wichita East High School

Fall Semester Reading - IB Seniors  

Fall Semester Reading - IB Juniors

Spring Semester Reading - IB Seniors

Spring Semester Reading - IB Juniors   

Summer Reading - IB Seniors

Summer Reading - IB Juniors

Summer Reading - IB Sophomores

Summer Reading - IB Freshman

Valley Center High School

Summer Reading - 11th Grade AP Language & Composition