Tales by Mail- Personally curated picks for your little loved ones.

Tales by Mail is a children's book subscription program from Watermark Books and Cafe. We are pleased to offer this program to our customers as a way to stay connected with family through the love of reading. The program offers subscribers a chance to send books to children, from infant to 18-year-olds to celebrate reading all year round. Sharing stories is a tradition as old as time. Let us help you keep sharing and encouraging those you love to read.  

We offer three tiers within the program:

  1. First tier is $25 per box, it includes one hardcover book

  2. Second tier is $50 per box, it includes 2 hardcover books and other assorted goodies, plus a reading journal + pencils in the first box.

  3. Third tier offered is $100 per box, this tier guarantees 3 hardcover books and other assorted goodies, plus a reading journal, pencils, and a Watermark t-shirt in the first box.

The Tales by Mail book boxes will be sent to your chosen recipient 4 times a year. They will arrive in March, June, September, and December. Each box is unique, packaged with the individual recipent in mind! The prices of the quarterly subscription will include gift wrapping, tax, and shipping.

If you're interested in joining the subscriber program, please fill out the following form for EACH child that you'd like to subscribe for. A bookseller will contact you to enroll you in the program. Plus, we'll do our best to keep the books intriguing for your young reader by personalizing the book choices based on the interests you include here. We'll also send you a confirmation email each time we ship books to your young reader.

Have some specific questions about the program? Contact our Children's Coordinator, Melissa Fitzgerald at melissa.fitzgerald@watermarkbooks.com If you'd like to send books more frequently than once a season, contact Melissa and let her know. 

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