Signed First Editions Club

The Signed First Editions Club is the ultimate way to build a personal library and will please true collectors and lovers of the written word. Members of the club receive a thoughtfully selected book delivered to them each month. Watermark draws its selections from the best new fiction and nonfiction titles, choosing them for their literary merit and potential collector's value.

Here’s how it works:

  • Watermark will ship twelve author-signed, first-edition books to you each year, one book per month.
  • Watermark will send a notification by email indicating the title and author of the upcoming selection, and let you know that it is ready to be shipped out.
  • Do you live nearby and want to eliminate shipping charges? Let us know that we should hold your book; the next time you swing by the store, we’ll have it ready for you.
  • These books will be ready to be picked up or shipped out on the second Tuesday of each month. 
  • What happens if you don’t care for the title we've select for the month? You can exchange it for another book on hand at Watermark, but that alternate book will not be a guaranteed first edition, nor will it be signed.
  • There are three different subscription periods: a  three-month,  a six-month, and a year-long period. These subscriptions can be renewed as often as you like. You can even prepay for that period's subscription: a three-month subscription is $100, a six-month is $200, and the year-long is $400. 

Gift Memberships: Signed Firsts gift memberships are perfect for a spouse who cherishes books, a student who wants to build a serious library or anybody who makes it a priority to read great literature.  All we need is their name, their address, and their email and we can send them their book, once a month.

Subscriptions: To subscribe, or to give a gift membership to a loved one, call the store at 316-682-1181. Any of our knowledgeable staff can help. You can also email us here 

To purchase any of our Signed First Editions, contact the bookstore to check on the availability of the title. Supplies are limited.

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