Qualityland by Marc-Uwe Kling, review by Hannah Reidell

Hello, my name is Hannah Bookbinder. (Actually, it isn't but we're briefly stepping into the insanity that is Qualityland so bear with me for a few minutes.)

Welcome to Qualityland, the place where your last name is now, depending on whether you are male or female, the profession your father or mother was in at the time of your conception. Thus, we have a book featuring such delightful characters as Martyn Chairman, Sandra Admin, Oliver House-Husband, and our main character, Peter Jobless. And if this sounds odd, bizarre, or any other peculiar word, you would be right, and this is just the start.

Qualityland is a trip through a world where everything is designed to please you and give you what you want, and, more importantly, what you deserve. Got that promotion you always wanted and feeling as though your husband is no longer quite good enough? Use Qualitypartner to find a new more suitable partner and break up with your old one for you in the process. But while the majority of society is happily rolling along as robots replace almost everything, including the President, payments are done by kissing, and digital assistants control more than just the music playing in your apartment, our "hero" Peter Jobless finds himself less convinced by everything, especially when he receives a delivery of an item that he does not want.

Qualityland is one of the most original books to have appeared in the last few years. Yet despite the fact that it will have you laughing out loud every other page, there is a slightly darker undertone to this book because it is not so absurd as to be impossible. Some of what appears in this book is already happening in various parts of the world. So enjoy the comedy and absurdity, be prepared never to look at Pride and Prejudice in quite the same way ever again, but maybe reconsider all those hi-tech personal assistant items you've been thinking of getting.

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ISBN: 9781538732960
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Published: Grand Central Publishing - January 7th, 2020