Miracle Creek by Angie Kim, review by Robin Templin

Miracle Creek is a punch to the gut. It's a rare glimpse into the unspoken competition between mothers whose children have autism and other special needs. A perverse competition, at times. Understandably, which mother is the most devoted, dedicated and selfless? But also, whose child is the neediest, the most challenging, the most disabled? Finally, which mother can claim to have the most difficult life?

This is a community filled with therapy, experimental procedures, hopes, and dashed dreams. And it happens every day. But in Miracle Creek, this "special" society is the foundation for an especially horrific accident, (or crime?) that results in dead children, parents, and bystanders.

The story is played out in the courtroom and in chapters revealing each player's part. Every person's true character is laid bare. Even despicable acts can be viewed sympathetically, given the circumstances. You may be shocked to discover a bit of yourself in each complicit or conflicted decision. In other words, this one's a doozy.