Mindset by Carol S. Dweck, review by Shelly Walston

Carol S. Dweck's research in Mindset: The New Psychology of Success is spot-on, and her discussion of growth mindset in this book is applicable for readers from all walks of life. While the research presented in this text is nearly 10 years old (there was a reissue with updates in 2016), the information contained in it is forever timeless and timely.

For parents, Dweck's research leads to a better understanding of how to address children, fosters a stronger arsenal of ways to praise them, and leads to a more developed sense of how to encourage perseverance.

For teachers, Dweck's book is a treasure trove of ways to improve feedback with students. From praising effort and connecting it with achievement, Dweck pulls the shades of false praise away and reveals what will truly help students develop into scholars who pursue knowledge for knowledge's sake. Even when there are certain to be struggles for them to overcome.

Dweck also includes chapters on how to develop growth mindset in the business world, drawing on examples from Lee Iococca and Sam Wurtzel. Mindset also looks closely at growth mindset in athletes, looking at the failures of athletes and coaches like John McEnroe and Bob Knight to the successes of athletes and coaches like Michael Jordan and John Wooden.

Changing a mindset means changing the way we think, the words we use to encourage others (and ourselves), and recognizing that when there are obstacles, we must find ways to overcome. Dweck's research relies on qualitative and quantitative research that helps illustrate the ways in which athletes, students, and leaders in the business world have used growth mindsets to succeed despite challenge.

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