The Last Cruise by Kate Christensen, review by Todd Robins

I went on a 1950s-style cruise as written by the magnificent Kate Christensen.  The reader boards the Queen Isabella: raucous, decadent, and financed by spoiled, uber-rich moguls, she's the quintessential American vessel. In her cabins, characters make runs at changing their lives. Christine Thorne used to be a journalist, but she gave it up to marry a farmer in Maine.  She’s starting to feel that life has passed her by.  Meanwhile, down in the galley, chef Mick Szabo wants to secure a less hectic gig on land, but it’s no picnic balancing mouthy, rebellious staffers with prickly management.  Christine and Mick both appreciate luxury, but things have changed in the new millennium, making the good times tenuous in this remarkable 1950s-style voyage about America in the here and now.

The Last Cruise Cover Image
ISBN: 9780385536288
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Published: Doubleday Books - July 10th, 2018