I'm Dangerous...I'm Not Gonna Lie by Erin Smith, review by Shirley Wells

Fans of Erin Smith will love this irreverent book of humor filled with her mixed media art--a mishmash of vintage photos, original painting, and printed text. And for those who aren't familiar with this artist, her observations on life make for a laugh-out-loud reading experience: "I find it interesting that I can't remember what it was that I stayed up until 2
a.m. watching (unless I refer back to my Facebook status from last night)...and yet when I hear Cheap Trick on the radio I can remember the day I bought the 45 rpm record in 5th grade."

On another page, a black-and-white photo shows an old-fashioned little girl wearing lace-up black leather shoes leaning on her elbow. Surrounded by lovely purple irises, she has a disgruntled look on her face, and the caption reads: "It's exhausting being a lover and not a fighter...especially when you know one good smack would end it."

The author goes on to reassure us that "If I wasn't so tired I'd come over there and totally slap the crap out of you." But not to worry: "It's nothing personal. I treat everyone with equal disdain."

This combination of what were once intended to be serious photographs with not-so-serious captions expresses what many of us feel...but just don't verbalize. It's cathartic to have Smith say what so often goes unspoken, such as in the photo where Little Ms. Passive Aggressive wears a banner and a crown but also carries a potted cactus: "I promise to do my job to the best of my ability...when & if I feel like it."

I'm Dangerous...I'm Not Gonna Liewill make a perfect graduation, Mother's Day, or birthday gift for the women in your life. Or just adopt this philosophy and buy one for yourself! "I can totally control myself...I just totally choose not to."

I'm Dangerous... I'm Not Gonna Lie Cover Image
ISBN: 9781402294099
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Published: Sourcebooks - April 15th, 2014