Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour, review by Melissa Fox

Emi Price is one of those golden California girl: smart, loving parents; a
bright future as a production designer; a cool older brother; and a
fantastic best friend. Everything seems like it should be coming up roses.

Except, she just broke up with her off-again/on-again girlfriend, and her
boss at her internship with a movie production company completely
undermined Emi's project. And so, at the beginning of the summer, when her
brother leaves his quaint apartment to Emi and her best friend, Charlotte,
his catch -- do something amazing here! -- makes her feel hopeless.

Then she and Charlotte discover an old letter written by famous actor Clyde
Jones (think John Wayne), that divulges information no one else knows: he
had a daughter and a grandchild And so, Emi and Charlotte set out to find
them and deliver the letter.

That's really only the beginning, and perhaps the least important part of
it as well. The letter is a door to Emi figuring out her first steps as a
recently graduated high school student, but it's also a job on an indie
movie that she lands, thanks to her ex-girlfriend. And when they find
Clyde's long-lost granddaughter, that opens up a whole new avenue for Emi.

I can't tell you how much loved this book. I loved the peek into the way
movies work, the effort and design behind the fantasy. I loved the way Emi
thought about characters and set design as she worked on the movie. And I
loved how sometimes she let fantasy overtake her reality. The characters
were so real, so deep, so complex, that I couldn't help but be drawn into
their lives. Which just made me love everything more.

It really is the perfect summer book.

Everything Leads to You Cover Image
ISBN: 9780525425885
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Published: Dutton Books for Young Readers - May 15th, 2014