Eerie Dearies: 26 Ways to Miss School by Rebecca Chaperon, review by Shirley Wells

Eerie Dearies: 26 Ways to Miss School by Rebecca Chaperon (Simply Read,
ISBN 9781927018408, $19.95). Yes, the "26 Ways" of the title does refer to
the alphabet, but I don't think I'd use this to teach toddlers their ABC's.
This book is more for teachers who've had to put up with too many cliched
excuses and for those students who've been offering the same old stale "the
dog ate my homework" alibi. Consider this a humorous guide to creative

With its delightfully creepy Edward Gorey-ish illustrations, "Eerie
Dearies" is just what its subtitle suggests: an alphabetical guide of
excuses that is sure to delight, from "A is for astral projection" to "E is
for ennui" (as in "I missed class yesterday because I was too filled with
ennui"--actually, a common teenage complaint).

Other favorites excuses include being too pale to attend (with a nod to the
British in the illustration): "P is for Pale," and "Y is for Yeti" with a
drawing of a girl in an appropriate schoolgirl dress and boots but with fur
sprouting from her face, hands, and knees. And maybe best of all, what
professor wouldn't appreciate knowing you missed class because of the
zombie apocalypse?

After reading "Eerie Dearies," teachers will never again view "Please
excuse..." notes in the same way...and students are sure to get extra
credit for creativity in excuse-giving--even if it doesn't actually get you
off the hook!

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ISBN: 9781927018408
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Published: Simply Read Books - January 26th, 2014