Keeping The Promise Of Social Security In Latin America (Kobo eBook)

Keeping The Promise Of Social Security In Latin America By Gill Indermit S. ; Packard Truman G. ; Yermo Juan Cover Image
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Empirical analysis of two decades of pioneering pension and social security reform in Latin America and the Caribbean shows that much has been achieved, but that critical challenges remain. In tackling this unfinished agenda, a great deal can be learned from the reform experience of countries in the region. Keeping the Promise, produced by the chief economist's office in the Latin America and Caribbean Region at the World Bank, evaluates policy reforms in 12 countries, points to successes and shortcomings, and proposes priorities and options for future reform. "Keeping the Promise provides a timely assessment of two decades of pension reform experience with a wealth of new data, and empirical evaluation of reformed social security systems. Many economists and policymakers will not be persuaded by some of the main conclusions and recommendations such as the supposed failure to increase coverage, and the call for strengthening a pay-as-you-go defined-benefit scheme for poverty prevention but they will welcome the book's critical appraisal. This is required reading for pension specialists and policymakers in Latin America and beyond." Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel, Chief of Economic Research, Central Bank of Chile "A heavyweight analysis of the Latin American pension revolution which raises important questions about the optimal scale of compulsory saving when redesigning pension systems." Paul Wallace, The Economist
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ISBN-13: 9780821358177
Publisher: World Bank
Publication Date: October 24th, 2004