Donation Requests

Thank you for your request for donation. As an independent bookseller and restaurant, we at Watermark Books & Cafe depend on community support. We strive to give back to community and educational organizations to thank them for making Watermark Books & Cafe their bookstore of choice. We are especially grateful to organizations that promote literacy and the written word.

As you can imagine, we receive dozens of requests each year. In an effort to streamline our energies and efforts, we've created a donation policy where all written requests are reviewed at an annual board meeting in January. By awarding all of our budgeted donation funds in January, we hope to make a greater impact with your organization through a planned, thoughful approach - so you can achieve greater results.

Funds for this year have already been allocated. If you would like to request a donation for next year, please complete this written request by December 31st to be reviewed in January of next year.

Thank you again for your request. We are proud to know we must have helped you sometime in the past for you to think of us now.

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