A Winter for Doves Part 1 (Paperback)

A Winter for Doves Part 1 By Nicholas J. Ripley Cover Image

A Winter for Doves Part 1 (Paperback)


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Everything is Connected.

In the year 2057, the world's population has been reduced to a single city: Salutem.

For over a decade, the city-nation has known nothing but peace, or so the populace has been led to believe. Unbeknownst to the general public, for the last seven years the Saint Organization has been humanity's only line of defense against the Devil's Deviants, mutated terrorists with inhuman supernatural abilities, and an extreme prejudice against humankind.

After their trusted leader is slain and mutilated, however, the Saints find themselves in disarray. An uneasy alliance between them and Salutem's government, the United World Federation, grows ever more hostile, and the Devil's Deviants are preparing for something big-something that could finish off the Saints and possibly all of Salutem for good.

As winter begins to fall, a train accident thrusts college student Aylen Monro into the ranks of the Saints and into the life of Jared Griffin, an ex-DD with a tragic and terrifying past of his own. She is looking for revenge against the ones that wronged her and he is making amends for his past sins. Little do they know, however, that they both have a larger role to play in what is coming. But as the Devil's Deviants gain momentum, the question becomes clear: Will the Saints survive the winter and the oncoming bloodshed?

More importantly, will they survive themselves?

Product Details ISBN: 9798988758846
Publisher: Project Suncloud LLC
Publication Date: February 2nd, 2024
Pages: 302
Language: English