Solace in the Storm: Caring for Loved Ones of Every Generation (Paperback)

Solace in the Storm: Caring for Loved Ones of Every Generation By Merle Griff Cover Image

Solace in the Storm: Caring for Loved Ones of Every Generation (Paperback)


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Life can change in an instant. Even when the water seems calm, you can be thrown suddenly into the unfamiliar storm of caregiving.

Most people will serve as a caregiver at some point in their lives, whether to their children, their spouse, their parents, or even their grandchildren. Despite how common the experience is, it's difficult to find quick, easy, and practical advice to help you survive the never-ending stress of caring for a loved one.

For anyone searching for support in moments of family crisis, Dr. Merle Griff's Solace in the Storm can be your guide. Griff, a therapist who has helped families overcome the challenges of providing care at all stages of life, offers easy-to-apply solutions to common caregiving problems.

Whether it's dealing with uninvited opinions from friends and family members, communicating with healthcare professionals, or finding time for yourself, Solace in the Storm provides the direction you need to ride out even the roughest seas. Griff provides stories from people who have been where you are now-and her own life-to help readers get through what seems like the impossible.

Caregiving can be needed at any point in your loved ones' lives. In this book, Griff looks at caregiving throughout the human lifecycle, starting with infancy through caring for adult parents. And she gives advice on how friends and family can help, either by lending a hand or by learning what to say-and what not to say.

Solace in the Storm will serve as your lifelong resource for quick tips, resources, and words of support and encouragement-a companion you will turn to again and again.

Product Details ISBN: 9798887500706
Publisher: Forbesbooks
Publication Date: September 12th, 2023
Pages: 216
Language: English