Breaking the Silence: Harnessing Technology to End Street Harassment (Paperback)

Breaking the Silence: Harnessing Technology to End Street Harassment By R. A. Sterling Cover Image

Breaking the Silence: Harnessing Technology to End Street Harassment (Paperback)


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Breaking the Silence: Harnessing Technology to End Street Harassment is a groundbreaking book that addresses the pervasive issue of street harassment and explores how technology can be leveraged to put an end to this societal plague. Authored by experts in the field, this book provides a comprehensive examination of street harassment, its impact on women, and the various forms it takes.

The book delves into the potential of technology as a powerful tool in combating street harassment. It explores the role of mobile applications, online platforms, wearable tech, and smart city infrastructure in empowering individuals, raising awareness, and creating safer public environments. Through insightful analysis, real-world case studies, and inspiring stories, readers gain a deep understanding of how technology can play a transformative role in addressing street harassment.

The chapters of the book cover a wide range of topics, including understanding street harassment, the societal impact on women, the psychological and emotional toll on victims, and the importance of comprehensive legislation and policy frameworks. The book also explores the challenges and ethical considerations associated with technology solutions, emphasizing the need for inclusivity, accessibility, and privacy protection.

In addition, Breaking the Silence highlights the significance of collaboration and partnerships between governments, organizations, and technology developers. It showcases successful collaborations in different regions, providing valuable insights and best practices for creating comprehensive solutions.

As a guide and call to action, Breaking the Silence inspires readers to envision a future without street harassment. It emphasizes the importance of ongoing research and innovation, as well as the power of education and awareness campaigns in engaging individuals and communities. The book underscores the need to engage men as allies and champions in the fight against street harassment and explores the intersectional aspects of the issue.

Breaking the Silence is a timely and essential resource for researchers, policymakers, activists, and individuals passionate about creating safer public spaces for all. It serves as a reminder that by harnessing the potential of technology, fostering collaboration, and amplifying the voices of survivors, we can break the silence surrounding street harassment and work towards a more inclusive and respectful society.
Product Details ISBN: 9798861860604
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 19th, 2023
Pages: 48
Language: English