The Fae King's Return (Paperback)

The Fae King's Return By J. Franklin Snyder Cover Image

The Fae King's Return (Paperback)


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The Fae King has returned, and he's out for blood

The end of The Giftless Chronicles saga After years of plotting, Corinne's true enemies have finally shown their faces. The Fae King will stop at nothing, including the deaths of Corinne's family and friends, to conquer the world. The Fae King's sworn enemies, Corinne and the clans of The Knights of the Round Table, are but a shadow of their former strength. The Hunting clans have been losing their powers for over a century. Their only hope was aid from the Assessors Office.

Unfortunately, Corinne's other nemesis, the ruthless chief of the Assessors Office, wants to ban her clan from Hunting monsters. Summoned to Washington, D.C., Corinne must do the impossible: unite the Hunting clans, reignite their powers, thwart the Chief Assessor's schemes, and take the fight to the Fae. Can she do it all in time to save the world? What will it cost to do so?

Print Edition includes the novella Loss & Sacrifice.

Product Details ISBN: 9798223568155
Publisher: J. Franklin Snyder
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2023
Pages: 564
Language: English