Afrobeats Alphabet (Large Print / Hardcover)

Afrobeats Alphabet By Ropo Ologitere, Ayomi Ologitere, Daria Vinokurova (Illustrator) Cover Image

Afrobeats Alphabet (Large Print / Hardcover)


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"Discover the Vibrant World of Afrobeats through the ABCs "

"Afrobeat Alphabets: A Rhythmic A - Z Journey for Kids" is a captivating and educational introduction to the infectious rhythms and melodies of Afrobeats music for children. Inspired by and co-written by my daughter, Ayomi, and her deep affection for this genre, this delightful alphabet book takes young readers on a spirited journey through the heart and soul of Afrobeats.

With captivating illustrations by Daria Vinokurova, this book brings the Afrobeat experience to life, combining the magic of music with the magic of learning. From A for "Asake" to Z for "Zlatan," each letter of the alphabet is paired with a unique aspect of Afrobeats culture, making it a perfect tool for teaching children their ABCs while immersing them in the rich tapestry of African music and dance.

Highlights of "Afrobeats Alphabet" include:

  • Vibrant Illustrations: The book features stunning and colorful illustrations that transport children to the lively world of Afrobeats.
  • Musical Journey: Readers will explore Afrobeat instruments, famous artists, dance moves, and more, making it an exciting and educational journey.
  • Inclusivity: The book celebrates the diverse and inclusive nature of Afrobeats, teaching children about unity, rhythm, and the joy of music.
  • Inspiration: "Afrobeats Alphabet" is a testament to the power of inspiration and the love of a parent for their child, making it a heartwarming read for families.

Whether you are a parent, a teacher, or simply someone who wants to share the magic of Afrobeats with the next generation, "Afrobeats Alphabet" is a fantastic addition to your library. This book is not just about the alphabet; it's a celebration of the rhythm and joy of Afrobeats, igniting a love for music and culture in young hearts. Turn the pages, feel the beat, and let the learning begin

"Afrobeats Alphabet: A Rhythmic A to Z Journey for Kids" - Where learning meets the beat "

Product Details ISBN: 9798218324162
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Inclusiphi LLC
Publication Date: November 17th, 2023
Pages: 28
Language: English