Sister Wolf (Paperback)

Sister Wolf By Mary Leslie Betts, Rhonda Nadzeika (Illustrator) Cover Image

Sister Wolf (Paperback)


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The Southern Appalachian Mountains are full of history, secrets, and unexplainable things. The story of Sister Wolf is one of them...

Mary and Michael, father and daughter, sail from Ireland to the American Colonies to live in the changing world of western Virginia. As Appalachian pioneers, they live in the Mohan brothers' camp at the mouth of Mohans Run. That is, until they are captured by Shawnee warriors.

Chief Red Hawk welcomes them as family once Michael proves himself a warrior by running the gauntlet. Mary learns the way of the Shawnee. Although they endure many difficulties in their new home, Mary develops special abilities that allow her to thrive. She sees into the future and communicates with animals, forming a deep bond with the wolf who saved her life. An accomplished healer and a warrior, Mary finds acceptance in both the native and pioneer communities.

Product Details ISBN: 9798218106591
Publisher: Mary L Betts
Publication Date: January 4th, 2023
Pages: 202
Language: English