The Letter (Paperback)

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The Letter (Paperback)


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Penelope Scottsdale is faced with a dilemma when her spoiled sister refuses to respond to letters sent to her by a deployed soldier. Her sister wants nothing to do with the admirer, but Penelope doesn't have it in her heart to break his.

Rather than tell him the truth, she decides to take her sister's place and respond to the letters. In time, Penelope discovers the truth behind her sister's foul behavior, and her life spirals out of control. With new and frightening truths around every corner, Penelope finds herself turning to the soldier for advice and comfort.

When the soldier returns home a hero, forcing her to reveal the truth of her identity, she realizes she's in far over her head. She intended to tell him the truth long before his return, but the truth is so much more complicated than she ever imagined. After all, how do you tell someone you've never met that you've fallen in love with them under a false identity?

Product Details ISBN: 9798201544560
Publisher: Mj Padgett Books LLC
Publication Date: June 15th, 2022
Pages: 294
Language: English