Nepal 2030 Vision for a Peaceful and Prosperous Nations (Hardcover)

Nepal 2030 Vision for a Peaceful and Prosperous Nations By Sagar Raj Sharma, Bishnu Raj Upreti, Kailash N. Pyakuryal Cover Image

Nepal 2030 Vision for a Peaceful and Prosperous Nations (Hardcover)


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The main orientation of this book is intellectual envisioning of pathways future Nepal as peaceful and prosperous nation in 15-18 years from now, which was severely after from the devastating bloody war for a decade (1996-2006) and messy prolonged transition for another decade (2006-2015). The book offers selected thematic areas of development intervention as effective means of achieving prosperous and peaceful Nepal. Even after a decade of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, myriad of political and socio-economic problems and uncertainties compounded from poverty, social inequities, and insecurities exist in the country. What can be done to address such situation and how does one begin? One begins with discussing ideas, having a vision, and looking to the future. That is exactly what we have attempted to do in this volume. At this juncture in Nepal's history, when the policy makers of this country are discussing and debating how to build a 'New Nepal', we thought it would be very timely to bring into public debate some of the visions of the people who are outside the political sphere but are actively contributing from their respective positions to build a prosperous Nepal. While we collectively work towards building this fragile country into a strong and secure nation, we hope that the articles in this book will at least make the readers dream about some possibilities and aspire towards translating these dreams into realities. The themes covered in this volume are very important f or any nation's development and country's prosperous future.

Product Details ISBN: 9788187393498
ISBN-10: 8187393491
Publisher: Adroit Publishers
Publication Date: January 1st, 2017
Pages: 216
Language: English