Taylor Swift From Little Star to Superstar (Paperback)

Taylor Swift From Little Star to Superstar By Harmony A. Star Cover Image

Taylor Swift From Little Star to Superstar (Paperback)


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Did you ever dream about being a star? Imagine a world where every thought you have turns into a beautiful song

In a cozy little town named Reading, there lived a little girl with golden hair and bright blue eyes. Her name was Taylor Alison Swift. At bedtime, instead of fairy tales, Taylor dreamed of melodies.

With a heart full of dreams and her head filled with songs, Taylor wished upon every star to sing her stories to the world. Just like the way birds spread their wings and fly, she wanted her music to fly far and wide, touching the hearts of everyone who heard it. This isn't just the story of Taylor, but a testament to the magic that happens when dreams and reality collide.

Come, let's turn the pages and sing along with the magical journey of Taylor Swift, a little girl who dreamed big and became a superstar. Dive into 'Taylor Swift: From Little Star to Superstar - Chasing Dreams and Catching Stars'. Remember, dreamers - your story is just beginning. Be inspired and keep chasing those stars

Product Details ISBN: 9787037128341
ISBN-10: 7037128341
Publisher: Lorean Publishing House
Publication Date: September 12th, 2023
Pages: 68
Language: English