Water Margin水浒传 (Paperback)

Water Margin水浒传 By Nai'an Shi Cover Image

Water Margin水浒传 (Paperback)


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It is considered one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. It has introduced readers to many of the best-known characters in Chinese literature, such as Wu Song, Lin Chong, Pan Jinlian, Song Jiang and Lu Zhishen. Water Margin is based on the exploits of the outlaw Song Jiang and his 108 companions. The group was active in the Huainan region and surrendered to the Song government in 1121. They were recorded in the historical text History of Song. The name of "Song Jiang" also appeared in the biography of Emperor Huizong of Song. 《水浒传》是元末明初施耐庵编著的章回体长篇小说。全书通过描写梁山好汉反抗欺压、水泊梁山壮大和受宋朝招安,以及受招安后为宋朝征战,最终消亡的宏大故事,艺术地反映了中国历史上宋江起义从发生、发展直至失败的全过程,深刻揭示了起义的社会根源,满腔热情地歌颂了起义英雄的反抗斗争和他们的社会理想,也具体揭示了起义失败的内在历史原因。《水浒传》是中国古典四大名著之一,问世后,在社会上产生了巨大的影响,成了后世中国小说创作的典范。《水浒传》是中国历史上最早用白话文写成的章回小说之一,流传极广,脍炙人口;同时也是汉语言文学中具备史诗特征的作品之一,对中国乃至东亚的叙事文学都有深远的影响。

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Publisher: Zhu & Song Press
Publication Date: November 12th, 2021
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Language: Chinese