Win Your Life with a Permanent Fix (Hardcover)

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Win Your Life with a Permanent Fix (Hardcover)


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Born in a small village in India, the author was expected to work and live in that town. However, interest in self-development supported by formal education in India, Australia, and Canada, led him to Canada and also helped him live a successful life in North America. However, there was a feeling of a missing link - a feeling that there was something missing in life. Having been born into a mystical tradition helped him

understand mysticism from the right sources. Over a two decade long practice in Dhyan and experimenting with more than a hundred different types of Eastern meditations helped him improve his mental balance. But that still did not help to resolve what this missing link was and how to complete this link.

Research in philosophy, clinical psychology with a primary emphasis

on logotherapy, helped him resolve the missing link. The author found that it does not matter what your belief regarding God or your religious affiliation is, what matters is whether your practices help you to control your seeds of aggression, addiction, and depression. It does not matter what philosophy you follow, what matters is whether that philosophy is leading you to a meaningful life. This book is intended to help you to

win your life through your unique contributions and make permanent

changes, one person - you - at a time.

Product Details ISBN: 9781773705644
ISBN-10: 1773705644
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2018
Pages: 192
Language: English