My Father's Springtime (Paperback)

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My Father's Springtime (Paperback)


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The perfect holiday read

The characters will remain with you long after you've finished reading the book.

Deeply poignant. A true story that seems like a wonderful work of fiction.

On the afternoon of July 27, 2017, in her apartment on the 10th floor of H srev Sami building in Bostancı, my cousin Şenol Abla and I are sipping our tea and reminiscing about these old times. I had spent much of my childhood at her parents' house in Vize.

All of a sudden, I summon up my courage and ask her the question that has been on my mind for a long time:

"My dear Şenol Abla, was my father married to someone else before my mother?"

Şenol Abla stays silent and then she says,

"What brings this to your mind now?"

I tell her about my nightmares and my conversations with the therapist. She stares at me intensely with her big black eyes. From my eyes, she understands how earnest I am.

"It's true," she says at last.

Even though it is still early, the sky turns as dark as night, the thunder crashes and torrential rain teems down. A fearsome wind gets up and we rush to close the shutters in the living room. Hailstones strike the shutters like bullets. The noise startles Şenol Abla and we stand in the hall. I am extraordinarily calm; I put my arms around her, telling her not to be afraid, reassuring her that it will pass.

What is the big deal with the storm outside? Like all the storms and floods in life, this too will pass. My cousin's daughter phones from the European side. Gradually, the lashing rain subsides and the wind eases off. Then I recognise the intensity of the turbulence that is inside me. The storm in me rages on. I am shocked to learn this fact about my father at this late stage of my life.

We refill our teas and open the shutters. My cousin slowly starts to explain...


'This stirred up a lot of emotions for me and I couldn't put it down.' - Tania Summerfield

'I was transported to another time and place and got completely caught up in the story.' - Ellen Cartright

'As someone who loves Turkey, this book taught me so much I never knew '- Sharon Howell.
Product Details ISBN: 9781739893057
ISBN-10: 1739893050
Publisher: Conker Press
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2022
Pages: 382
Language: English