The Blood Of Doves (Paperback)

The Blood Of Doves By Melissa McSherry Cover Image

The Blood Of Doves (Paperback)


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As an orphan, Kasia was raised in the slums of Lethe, forced to steal and kill to survive, but somehow always managed to evade the law. Her luck eventually runs out when she finds herself on the brink of death. A handsome stranger rescues her, bringing her back to his realm. Once there, he informs her of her past, a past she refuses to believe to be true. The last Satori heir? She couldn't be...could she?

After years of being on her own, Kasia struggles to open up, to trust and rely on those around her who wish to help, but as more time passes, she begins to let them through her walls and into her heart.

With the truth of her past revealed and her powers continuing to grow, Kasia learns to control them, but will it be enough? What will it cost her to destroy the usurper who killed her family and stole her throne, and how much is she willing to give up?

Product Details ISBN: 9781739037079
ISBN-10: 1739037073
Publisher: Melissa McSherry
Publication Date: December 17th, 2023
Pages: 350
Language: English