The Seven Grandparent Teachings (Introduction #1) (Paperback)

The Seven Grandparent Teachings (Introduction #1) By Christine Delillo, Nikala Bond (Illustrator) Cover Image

The Seven Grandparent Teachings (Introduction #1) (Paperback)

By Christine Delillo, Nikala Bond (Illustrator)


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Folktales from the rich oral tradition of the Native American Anishinaabe, beautifully retold by Christine DeLillo. The Seven Grandparent Teachings capture the wisdom of Anishinanaabe culture and values transmitted from parent to child that resonate today for all parents.
In one of the engaging seven teachings, children meet the bear: "The Bear gives us the gift of courage and teaches us to face our fears and bravely explore new ideas and adventures.

"The Seven Grandparent Teachings is a playfully illustrated book by Christine DeLillo introducing children to a version of the traditional Native American folklore about the seven important virtues as passed down by the Anishinaabe. This book evolved during a playful time spent teaching them to her part Native American daughter and granddaughter. This wonderfully magical illustrated book, using child-like characters dressed as the animals they represent helps teach the value of each of the teachings as well as the importance of being good to ourselves, others and our surroundings. The reader can use the illustrations as a springboard to discussions about the importance of making good choices.

Q & A:
Q1: Who is this book for?
A1: Children of all ages. An adult will read and explain the concept of the Seven Sacred Teachings while the child will look at the playful illustrations to better understand it.

Q2: How can this book be used:
A2: By the adult- reader concentrating on one or all of the teachings and showing the child how these teachings can and should be used to guide them in making decisions.

Q3: How does this book help to broaden the child's perception of the world?
A3: By learning about self-worth, respect for others as well as our environment and actions that will make our world a better place to live.

Q4: Does this book teach us anything about animals?
A4: Yes. It teaches how they interact among themselves and how they impact our environment

Q5: Does this book teach us about Native American people?
A5: Yes. How they are the original immigrants to America and how they lived a life of harmony

Review: The Seven Grandparent Teachings is a culturally inclusive book that offers those teaching our youth a guide to the values that allow one to lead a happy, connected and balanced life. The illustrations bring these values brilliantly to life. It's a book that will foster imagination and self-reflection while educating the child about an important aspect of Native American culture.
Elizabeth Sheridan, M.S.Certified School Counselor United Nations International School

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