The Driving Book for Teens: A Complete Guide to Becoming a Safe, Smart, and Skilled Driver (Paperback)

The Driving Book for Teens: A Complete Guide to Becoming a Safe, Smart, and Skilled Driver By Maureen Stiles Cover Image

The Driving Book for Teens: A Complete Guide to Becoming a Safe, Smart, and Skilled Driver (Paperback)


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Stay safe and smart on the road—a complete driving guide for teens

Learning to drive is an exciting milestone for teens that comes with an amazing sense of freedom and independence—but it's also a big responsibility. Help them be cautious and confident behind the wheel with this ultimate guide to driving for teens.
  • The rules of the road—Make it easy for teens to learn road signs, proper turning and passing etiquette, defensive driving, and more.
  • Acing the test—Teens will find 100 practice questions and an explanation of what their written and driving tests will look like so they can be as prepared as possible.
  • Cars 101—Give your teen an overview on caring for their car—from filling the tank to getting oil changes and knowing what all those lights on the dashboard mean.
  • Safety first—Ensure your teen knows what to do in an emergency or if they are pulled over, how to handle bad weather, and simple ways to avoid distracted driving.

Pick up this book today and turn your teen into a savvy driver who's ready for any situation.
MAUREEN STILES is a freelance writer and editor with a focus on parenting topics and general humor. She has been quoted in The New York Times and Washington Post regarding parenting strategies, and her writing is featured on TODAY Parents, in the book Grown and Flown: How to Support Your Teen, Stay Close as a Family, and Raise Independent Adults, as well as many other websites and blogs.
Product Details ISBN: 9781685392369
ISBN-10: 1685392369
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: October 4th, 2022
Pages: 124
Language: English
"As the mother of three sons, Maureen Stiles has years of practical experience teaching her teens to drive. Drawing from her life, both behind the wheel and in the passenger seat, and adding extensive research, she has written this easy-to-read and comprehensive primer on driving. This is an excellent book to give a teen who is about to slip into the driver's seat for the first time and who needs to hear about safe driving from someone other than their parents! This is a book they will actually read." —Mary Dell Harrington, cofounder of Grown and Flown

"This book provides an information-packed road map for young drivers. This will become part of our driving curriculum for our youngest daughter who just turned 15. Because of sections like "What Does That Light Mean?" we will keep this book in her glove box as an easy-to-read, quick reference point. The author's voice holds the reader's attention and guides the reader, rather than talking at them." —Julie Parker, law enforcement communications subject matter expert

"While nothing can completely prepare a new teen for hitting the road, this book comes pretty darn close! This comprehensive guide includes an explanation of essential driving skills, covers all topics commonly associated with owning a vehicle, and even prepares teens for emergency situations!" —Michele Yvonne Primich, 34-year Allstate agency owner