Nothing Is Scary with Harry (Hardcover)

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Nothing Is Scary With Harry is a story about a girl, her blankie, and being brave. The story follows Katie throughout her childhood as she overcomes various scary scenarios with the help of her friend Harry the blanket. Through Katie's connection to Harry, Katie's mother learns that lovies are like best friends, and have no expiration date.

The snuggle is real... Harry the blanket helps one little girl find their inner warrior - and help her mommy understand that lovies can be best friends, through thick and thin, and thinner.

Life can be scary, so how can it be wrong to hold tight to something that makes you feel strong?

Beautifully illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell, and uniquely formatted in a printed-on board hardcover with linen-like pages, this adorable and generationally relevant story about the benefits of holding onto a childhood comfort object is sure to resonate with parents and little ones alike. In this much more mobile and transient world, transitional objects make us feel safe and connected in new and often scary environments.

About the blanket: Harry began as a fluffy, pale yellow, waffle-weave baby blanket with thick satin trim. He originally belonged to Katie's older sister, but in true sister fashion Katie borrowed the blanket and never gave him back. Little Katie named her blanket after Harold Washington, who was the Mayor of Chicago at the time. She picked off his satin edging because she didn't care for it. And she made Harry a permanent addition to her life. Today, Harry is barely recognizable as a blanket - but he shows no signs of slowing down his snuggle game.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781680523867
ISBN-10: 1680523864
Publisher: Cottage Door Press
Publication Date: February 19th, 2019
Pages: 24
Language: English