The Mystery of Shoemaker's Paper Mill (Hardcover)

The Mystery of Shoemaker's Paper Mill By Terry McGuin Cover Image

The Mystery of Shoemaker's Paper Mill (Hardcover)


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This is the story of a family that lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and runs a paper mill. Something happens when a storm hits the mill and a streak of lighting hits the pulping machine. They have a teenage boy who is in the high school band. He has a best friend in the band too, but he also inherited an enemy. There are strange things that keep happening. Of the two boys, one likes a cheerleader while the other likes a majorette. They run into their enemy. Strange things continue to happen. The football game doesn't go like it always does. There is a rivalry with the Shoemakers and the Mosleys that goes back years and is still going on. The family shows up for a cookout. The boys' friendship gets tested because of their different morals. There is talk of reopening the mill. There is trouble when the boys go back to school. Danny is asked to work at the mill. The boys tell Lewis Sr. their secret, and he tells the boys his secret. They decide to reopen the mill. The boys go to the last dance by themselves and have a better time than they thought. But the night turned out to be nothing but horrible. There's a fire, cookout, and a wedding--a lot of people with a lot of generosity. The mystery is no more.

Product Details ISBN: 9781642982770
ISBN-10: 1642982776
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: July 3rd, 2018
Pages: 90
Language: English