The New Irish Table: Recipes from Ireland's Top Chefs (Hardcover)

The New Irish Table: Recipes from Ireland's Top Chefs By Leslie Conron Carola (Compiled by), Neven MaGuire (Contributions by), Darina Allen (Contributions by), Kevin Dundon (Contributions by), Catherine Fulvio (Contributions by) Cover Image

The New Irish Table: Recipes from Ireland's Top Chefs (Hardcover)

By Leslie Conron Carola (Compiled by), Neven MaGuire (Contributions by), Darina Allen (Contributions by), Kevin Dundon (Contributions by), Catherine Fulvio (Contributions by)


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Set your holiday table with tradition and warmth. Ten award-winning chefs dismantle the stereotype of Irish cuisine being a boil, a fry, or soda bread. Highlighting fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients from provinces across the Emerald Isle, this beautiful, photo-illustrated collection offers inspirational Irish recipes.

An Irish meal must nourish the soul as well as the body, teasing each of the senses. Home cooks are invited into each featured chef's restaurant and/ or home to experience recipes that utilize fresh fish, lamb, beef, pork, fruits, and vegetables, and of course, Ireland's renowned cheeses.

Starred-studded contributors include Kevin Dundon (host of PBS's Kevin Dundon's Modern Irish Table), Darina Allen (founder of the Ballymaloe Cookery School), and Neven Maguire (celebrity chef and TV personality).

Celebrating the new Irish food culture, this compilation emphasizes local resources, simple fare, and the highest standards, proving that Ireland is a modern food destination.
Leslie Conron Carola, owner and director of Arena Books Associates, LLC, has produced many illustrated books, including Ireland: A Luminous Beauty; Spectacular Ireland, and Ireland's Treasures with Peter Harbison. Leslie is also a skilled paper crafter who has developed and produced more than a dozen paper craft books. She lives in Westport, Connecticut.
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Publisher: Imagine
Publication Date: February 7th, 2017
Pages: 240
Language: English
Irish cooking in the twenty-first century has grown from the homey, staid, insular, and hidebound into a recognized part of world fine cuisine, thanks in no small part to a handful of chefs who have taken lessons learned abroad and married them to superior native meats and vegetables. Organized by region and county, recipes from each chef offer several menus, from casual lunches to formal dinner fare. The book’s accessibility for home cooks is enhanced by both metric and American measurements; nevertheless, some ingredients that may lend authenticity, such as seashore greens and seaweed, may be daunting to duplicate this side of the Emerald Isle. Anyone searching for truth-in-cookery photographs will gratefully note that accompanying captions and comments detail how the pictured dishes may vary from the recipes’ ingredients. This sort of assiduousness raises this celebration of Irish food a bit beyond mere coffee-table decoration.

The New Irish Table is a luxuriant color photographic tour through the provinces and famous regions of Ireland, with celebratory side visits to Irish celebrity chefs' kitchens in Dublin, Wicklow, Cork, Kerry, Galway, Derry, Fermanagh, and Cavan. Some of the chefs featured include Derry Clarke, Catherine Fulvio, Kevin Dundon, Darina Allen, Martin Bealin, Ultan Cooke, Tim O'Sullivan, Ian Orr, Noel McMeel, and Neven Maguire. If you were able to visit some of the finest cookery schools, fine dining establishments, and chefs to be found in Ireland, you would perhaps taste a few of these sumptuous recipes which feature the best of local resources. Fantastically beautiful photographs of Irish scenes help to frame and place each set of treasured recipes. measurements are given in standard form, with metric weights and volumes added. Some of the featured dishes include Seared Lamb and Beetroot Salad, Smoked Salmon with Cucumber Pickle, Cod, octopus, Purple Broccoli, Broccoli Puree, and Horseradish Mayonnaise, Crispy Duck Breast with Glazed Butternut Squash and Star Anise Jus, Braised Lamb with pearl Barley Risotto (West Kerry Lamb), Whipped Goat cheese with Beet Slaw and Apple Syrup, and more. For desserts, there are recipes for Sheep Yogurt Mousse with Marinated Strawberries and Mint, Vanilla Panna Cotta with Honeycomb, Raspberry Cheesecake, Victoria Sponge with Strawberries, and a personal favorite, Guinness Chocolate cupcakes, also Lemon Curd with Meringue and Raspberries. For classic tea accompaniments, there are Ballyknocken Tea Scones and Ballymaloe Brown Yeast Bread. Some recipes call for uniquely Irish ingredients, but they are included to tempt the reader to further culinary and geographic explorations. All are freshly presented and imagined, such as Carpaccio of Scallops with Chili, Lemon, and Wood Sorrel, or Wood pigeon, Gooseberry, and Spinach/ A delight such as Renvyle House Berry Trifle is delicately introduced embellished with amaretti biscuits. Hearty traditional Irish fare is not neglected, including such recipes as Traditional Fish and Chips, and Smoked Irish Salmon, Cream Cheese, and Traditional Boxty. Each recipe is presented on one page opposite a beautiful photo portrait of the finished dish. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. For a beautiful cook book that is at least half stunning scenic Irish photo portraits, treat yourself to "The New Irish Table." It is surely the next best thing to a journey to that great green, sea- encircled land.
—Midwest Book Review