Paradise on Earth (Paperback)

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Paradise on Earth (Paperback)


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For five travelers, a creative writing expedition through some of China’s most scenic landscapes becomes a voyage of personal discovery. As they make their way from the Fu River running through Sichuan’s ancient mountains to the famous Jiuzhaigou Valley, their personal stories unfold and intertwine. This is a story of lovers and rivals, fathers and daughters, legends and modern history.

Author Zhu Lin’s lyrical descriptions paint an evocative picture of pine trees whispering in the mountains and sparkling mineral pools, a vivid backdrop for her distinctive characters. This novel captures the complex and sometimes disturbing experience of a changing society, and stands as a significant addition to the growing body of fiction exploring China’s recent past.

Born in 1949, Zhu Lin, the daughter of a Shanghai intellectual, was relocated as a teenager to the countryside in Anhui Province, where she remained for six years. After working as an editor, she embarked on her own writing career, with works ranging from short stories to full-length fiction. She is now the professional writer of the Shanghai Writers’ Association.

Product Details ISBN: 9781602202344
ISBN-10: 1602202346
Publisher: Shanghai Press
Publication Date: March 26th, 2013
Pages: 232
Language: English
Series: Contemporary Writers