Ever Aequum (Paperback)

Ever Aequum By J. W. Capek, J. L. Snyder Cover Image

Ever Aequum (Paperback)


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THE DEERWHERE CODEX defines humanity beyond the genders of Female, Male, and Uniale. Humanness can be explored through sentient Quantum Computers or corporeal beings on a water world in the Multiverse.In The Deerwhere Awakening, humanity's quest for utopia had come to fruition. The Founders imagined a place where humans, all three genders-uniales, females and males, would contentedly dwell behind walls and live happily ever after in comfort and safety. Humans have never dwelt anywhere happily ever after. It is not in their nature. Inquisitiveness and rebellion are basic thought processes. The humans revolted against their Keeper, the benign artificial intelligence the Founders had created to guide them. They thought they knew better. So they set out on their own to make the world perfect. It worked-for a while. In Adrion's Passage an earthquake, The Big One, shattered their world and a new challenge arose: Survival. They discovered a wild world outside the protection of Deerwhere, an unimagined world full of hazard and discovery. There are always challenges to face in life, but people discovered those challenges always have solutions. Often those solutions are quite dangerous and difficult.EVER AEQUUM is a collection of tales about the characters from the first two books, along with an assortment of new folk. The stories tell of their journeys, loves and tribulations as they wend their way through this dangerous, exciting new world in quest of that happily ever after for which humans all yearn.

Product Details ISBN: 9781590929520
ISBN-10: 1590929527
Publisher: Blue Forge Press
Publication Date: December 1st, 2023
Pages: 192
Language: English