Paleo Cookbook: 33 Healthy and Delicious Paleo Meals To Start Your Paleo Diet (Paperback)

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Paleo Cookbook: 33 Healthy and Delicious Paleo Meals To Start Your Paleo Diet (Paperback)


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Start The Paleo Diet Today With These 33 Life Altering Recipes FREE Bonus Inside When we think of the Paleo diet many of us think of foraging in the woods looking for food and eating grubs under a rock. Well this is not the case. Even though the Paleo diet has been called the caveman diet, the foods that you will eat are pretty much the same foods that you eat now, with just a few modifications. When it comes to the paleo diet, you basically eat of old fashioned cooking. What I mean by this is that we are removing all of the fast foods, breads, dairy and artificial colors and flavors that have been shown to lead to declining health in our society. When we explore the paleo diet we see that we are eating fish, chicken, beef and vegetables. We also see that we are removing items such as pasta, candy, soda, breads and anything cultivated by modern technology or agriculture. So if you have been looking to go on a diet or even change your standard of living, the Paleo should be seriously considered. In this book we will give you 33 simple and great tasting recipies that will kickstart your education into the paleo universe. In this book i will give you the following menu choices. 7 Amazing breakfasts to kick start your morning.

These 7 Amazing Breakfasts are are not boring egg recipes either. Many people relate Paleo to eating a lot of eggs. Well these 7 recipes will fill your tummyy for a great start to your day.

6 Hunger curbing lunch recipes.

When it comes to lunch many of us usually either skip it or grab something unhealthy and quick. With these 6 great recipes you can make them the night before, pack them up for your day at work and have a satisfying meal while your other coworkers eat greasy takeout.

6 Quick and easy Diner recipes.

Now after a hard day at the office the last thing that you want to do is come home and make a huge dinner. So with the paleo cookbook I have given you some amazing recipes that will be quick, easy and filling. No need to call the pizza guy here.

6 Amazing Soups.

When it comes to something that feels like grandma used to make, there is nothing like a homemade soup. In this book I give you 6 soups that will make your mouth water.

8 Night closing snacks and deserts.

Now I know that when starting on a diet many people will quit because they can't have those tasty treats that curb their cravings. Well with the paleo diet I ensured that you can get your sweet fix without the sugar.

Now if this doesn't convert you over to eating paleo I don't know what will. These 33 recipes are quick, easy and delicious.

If you have been on the fence when it comes to starting a diet and even the paleo diet go and download this book right away. In it you will find the answers that will convert you to a true paleo eater right now.

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