Getting to Know You and the Height of Intimacy (Paperback)

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In this book, you will learn and know your temperaments and why we act and think the way we do. It gives several reasons why relationships fail and the solutions to resolve the problems. It also shows what we expect from relationships and that what we from them get can often cause conflict. It details why and how communications are so important and what it brings to the relationship. And of course, there will be an understanding of the different kinds of communication since most of the time the art of communication always needs improvement, and believe it or not, 80 to 85% of us have communication problems.

About the Author

I was born in Denver Colorado, but grew up in Kansas with seven brothers and one sister. I taught CY0 (Catholic youth Organization) for 7 years That being said, unlike others who profess to know all the answers, I do NOT have a Ph.D. on this subject I think what lead me to the insights about this important topic is the fact that I personally went through a divorce in the mid 70's, even after insisting on much counseling and thinking that once you commit, there's no turning back. Guess what? It didn't help. After seeing and experiencing first hand, the suffering, especially on the children's part, seeing what it does to society as a whole, and studying the divorce statistics plunge from 33% in the 70's to 50% up to the present, and setting on many counseling secessions, having a very good friend as a counselor, listening to the complaints of many of my friends and much research, I was compelled to write this book to both help me understand what's going on and to help enlighten others too.

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ISBN: 9781539120766
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Publication Date: September 27th, 2016
Pages: 128
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