Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak (Hardcover)

Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak By Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Brian Hooker, PhD, Del Bigtree (Foreword by) Cover Image

Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak (Hardcover)


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The Studies the CDC Refuses to Do

This book is based on over one hundred studies in the peer-reviewed literature that consider vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations. Each study is analyzed, and health differences among infants, children, and adults who have been vaccinated and those who have not are presented and put in context. Readers will find information on:
  • The infant/child vaccination schedule
  • Thimerosal in vaccines
  • Live virus vaccines
  • The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine
  • Vaccination and Gulf War illness
  • Influenza (flu) vaccines
  • Hepatitis B vaccination
  • The COVID-19 vaccine
  • Vaccines during pregnancy
Given the massive push to vaccinate the entire global population, this book is timely and necessary for individuals to make informed choices for themselves and their families.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is a New York Times bestselling author and one of the nation's leading environmental activists. His writing has been included in anthologies of America's best crime writing, best science writing, and best political writing. He is president of Waterkeeper Alliance, the world's largest clean water advocacy group; a professor of environmental litigation at Pace University Law School in White Plains, NY; and a senior attorney at the Natural Resources Defense Council. Mr. Kennedy is a former Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan. He cohosts thre weekly radio show Ring of Fire.
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Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication Date: August 29th, 2023
Pages: 304
Language: English
Series: Children’s Health Defense
“Millions of people—myself included—initially believed the Covid-19 vaccine disaster to be a one-off, the result of a novel, rapidly evolving virus combined with a rushed therapeutic packaged in an experimental delivery system. Today I laugh at such naiveté. In Vax-Unvax, Kennedy and Hooker shine a blinding light on the appalling lack of research and blatant propaganda behind the entire inflated and ever-expanding childhood vaccine schedule. The authors’ painstaking investigation and rigorous analyses are rivaled only by their bravery in exposing the depth and breadth of the lies we’ve been told. As a physician who never dreamed of questioning the safety and efficacy claims of routine immunizations and who believed he was protecting his patients and his own children by endorsing them, I am humbled and enraged. Our government, the media, and the powerful and rapacious pharmaceutical industrial complex have deceived, endangered, and gaslit the public for far too long. I hope this explosive and important book finds a worldwide audience and becomes a staple in every pediatrician’s and parent’s library.”
—Dr. Pierre Kory, author of The War on Ivermectin, cofounder of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, cofounder of the Leading Edge Tele-Health Clinic
“As the threat of fatal infectious diseases in childhood has dissipated, there has been a lagged increase in the intensity of vaccination for rare illnesses. Modern treatment and supportive care have taken much of the concern out of the infections on the childhood vaccine schedule. However, with the rise of hyper-vaccination, Kennedy and Hooker uncover a concurrent explosion of childhood allergic, immune, and neuropsychiatric illnesses. Massive systemic perturbation of the immune system with indiscriminate immunization has come at a sobering cost. Read Vax-Unvax carefully and keep it close at hand—this dawn of a new age in public health will be tumultuous for years to come.”
—Dr. Peter McCullough, author of The Courage to Face COVID-19

“In this book, Kennedy and Hooker provide the complete, definitive demolition of the mythos and propaganda that tells the public vaccines improve the health of children. Not a plank of this false house remains by the end of this book. The lies are dismantled in cool, clear language void of bombast, which allows the facts, figures, and data to shine through, to a devastating conclusion. This is the book you can hand to people who are still in trance states about vaccines.”
—Celia Farber, journalist and author of Serious Adverse Events

“‘The Science’ is finally here in one place. If you want to follow the science related to vaccines and health problems, this is a must read. With over one hundred references, the actual harm being caused by vaccines is exposed. Parents, don't listen to an authority figure without doing your own research. This book is required reading for every informed parent.”
—Paul Thomas, MD, author of The Vaccine-Friendly Plan and The Addiction Spectrum; founder and host of With the Wind: Science Revealed; cofounder

“This clear, compelling, timely book lays to rest most myths about the ‘science’ and safety of many existing vaccines and exposes shoddy testing, shocking damage to health, and corrupt business practices. An important follow-up to Kennedy’s The Real Anthony Fauci.”
—Naomi Wolf, bestselling author of The Beauty Myth and The Bodies of Others
“While the CDC continues to refuse to do the type of vaccinated versus unvaccinated study that parents have long been demanding, independent researchers have forged ahead, and the results are now quite clear: unvaccinated children are healthier. In Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Brian Hooker review that data as well as many additional studies comparing health outcomes between those who did or did not receive individual vaccines. This is an essential resource for the serious researcher and a valuable guide for anyone wishing to exercise truly informed consent. The graphs helpfully included with the discussion of each study covered speak for themselves. It is past time for the ‘public health’ establishment to stop deceiving the public with their proclamations of official dogma about the ostensible safety of these pharmaceutical products.”
—Jeremy R. Hammond, independent journalist and author of The War on Informed Consent
“In 1999, I gave a vaccine that caused such a bad side effect that it altered the trajectory of my patient’s life. Thus began my journey into vaccine safety research. This book is a great compilation of scientific studies you never heard about on the news. With easy-to-understand graphics and explanations of statistics, you can analyze data from clinicians and researchers from around the world. You may find yourself doubting the simplistic ‘safe and effective’ doctrine repeated by health authorities. You will find yourself more empowered to make vaccine decisions for your child.”
—Elizabeth Mumper, MD, IFMCP, president & CEO, Rimland Center for Integrative Medicine
“RFK Jr. and Dr. Hooker present the science that supports what I have personally witnessed in my twenty-five years as a pediatrician—unvaccinated children are healthier and have fewer chronic medical problems compared to vaccinated kids. Today’s parents, and a growing number of my colleagues, are now coming to recognize this grand irony in our modern pediatric health care system."
—Dr. Bob Sears, author of The Vaccine Book and host of podcast
“Bobby Kennedy and Brian Hooker are tireless heroes on the front line of a great battle to protect our health freedom. Biomedical studies are being falsified and the masses are being deceived by health authorities, the vaccine industry, and a complicit media. Read this book and let the true science speak!”
 —Neil Z. Miller, author of Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies
“When I met Dr. Hooker on August 29, 2014, he was more than a decade into his relentless efforts through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to reveal not only the studies the CDC refused to do but the plague of corruption surrounding CDC whistleblower William Thompson’s confession regarding the censorship and fraud in the MMR vaccine trial by the CDC to cover up the fraud in the in clinical literature surrounding all vaccines. Stunned by the blatant corruption in Dr. Hooker’s presentation that day, Kent Heckenlively and I, in collaboration with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., began to write Plague of Corruption. Throughout 2019, Dr. Hooker and Kennedy collaborated to reveal much of the CDC, FDA, and NIH corruption in the thirty-four page foreword to Plague of Corruption that revealed manipulation of hundreds of basic research studies showing dangers of xenotransplantation, microbial contamination, and environmental toxins including mercury, aluminum, PEG, and the corruption of the agencies tasked to protect public health. 
     Vax-Unvax is the result of their heroic effort to reveal the censored science and truth behind the role of a failure by these agencies tasked to conduct safety studies in three decades of liability-free vaccines and the resultant explosion of chronic disease and disability facing our world today. Given the massive push to vaccinate a new generation, this book is a must read supporting a moratorium on inoculations in favor of oral and mucosal immunization strategies.”
—Judy A. Mikovits, PhD

“In Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak, authors Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Brian Hooker have provided a deep dive into vaccine safety by looking at published data from independent researchers. The resulting review of vaccinated and unvaccinated children's health outcomes clearly shows the damage, much of it neurological, that blind adherence to the CDC's current vaccine schedule can induce. The studies highlighted are those that both the FDA and CDC have routinely refused, and continue to refuse, to do themselves. The official reason for not providing such studies is based on the erroneous notion that conducting vaccinated-unvaccinated evaluations would somehow be ‘unethical.’ Kennedy and Hooker demolish this argument and then proceed to review the safety of different vaccines, many that contain adjuvant aluminum or Thimerosal, the latter an ethyl mercury compound. Overall, for those trying to understand the often-confusing claims and counterclaims, particularly lay people, the book provides some badly needed clarity.
     The book also considers the current Covid-19 mRNA vaccines in context to the older childhood vaccine platforms. This is a particularly timely contribution in that the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting vaccine mandates have paradoxically served to make more people question the official  ‘safe and effective’ mantra that tends to surround all vaccines: If the conventional vaccine platforms using compounds with aluminum and mercury are not safe, then why should anyone trust the completely new and largely experimental vaccine platforms developed for Covid (and soon numerous vaccines)? For parents it can be both confusing and frightening to consider the pros and cons of vaccines against childhood diseases: What if they make the wrong decision, in either direction, and their child is harmed?
     While many in the medical profession may not like the book because it exposes the outright deception of the pharmaceutical industry, the CDC and FDA, I strongly believe that many parents, or parents-to-be, will be grateful for the information it contains. Simply put, at the end of the day the ability to consider all aspects of vaccine safety in order to make an informed choice for one's children, or oneself, is an absolutely critical aspect of real health freedom. In turn, health freedom is intimately tied to the concept of ‘security of the person,’ perhaps the most fundamental of natural rights.  
     Kennedy and Hooker should be commended for tackling this crucial issue in order to bring clarity to the mass of ‘dis-’ and ‘mis-’ information peddled by the health establishment and the mainstream media. If indeed the ‘truth can set you free,’ then this book is a huge step in the right direction.”
—Christopher Shaw, neuroscientist and professor of ophthalmology at University of British Columbia, author of Dispatches from the Vaccine Wars

“If there is only one book you read in your entire life, let it be this one! If you want the science to speak . . . then have the courage to look at the actual science, data, and truth found in the pages of Vax-Unvax. Arm yourself with the information that puts the power back into the hands of parents where it belongs, not in the hands of corrupt Pharma, captured government officials, and incentivized doctors spouting catch phrases with little to no evidence to back it up. RFK Jr. and Dr. Brian Hooker are the bold voices of truth, presenting evidence that cannot be disputed. The main purpose of a parent is to love your child and keep them safe. If you have not had the courage before, I boldly implore you to find the courage now, and educate before you vaccinate!”
—Leigh-Allyn Baker, actress, producer, and star of the global hit Good Luck Charlie