Written in the Blood (Compact Disc)

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In the sequel to The String Diaries, a mother and daughter find their place among the descendants of an immortal line of shapeshifters.Fifteen years after a madman hunted down her parents, Leah Wilde is determined to find the truth behind the killer's monstrous powers. She is one of the last in a line of shapeshifters called the Long Lives. The few who remain are scattered around the globe. Leah and her mother, Hannah, are determined to find them and to save them from extinction.But they are not alone in their search. For centuries an ancient being has thrived by killing members of the Long Lives. Over a hundred years ago in Budapest, a boy named Izsak witnessed unspeakable sacrifices within his orphanage, all to appease this ravenous beast. Today the monster stalks America, preying on the young in its quest for immortality.Written in the Blood is the stunning next chapter in Stephen Lloyd Jones' inventive and exciting saga, an ambitious story of investigation and chase, of heroism and evil.

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ISBN: 9781478933052
ISBN-10: 1478933054
Publisher: Mulholland Books
Publication Date: May 26th, 2015
Language: English