Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology: A How-to Guide for Personal-Empowerment Tools You Can Use Anywhere! (Hardcover)

Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology: A How-to Guide for Personal-Empowerment Tools You Can Use Anywhere! By Eldon Taylor Cover Image

Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology: A How-to Guide for Personal-Empowerment Tools You Can Use Anywhere! (Hardcover)


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This life-changing how-to guide demystifies self-hypnosis and subliminal technology to demonstrate how they are effective tools for your self-improvement journey
Everybody has some character trait he or she would like to change, and there are many techniques available to facilitate these changes. Unfortunately, many of them are either impractical or expensive—or both!

Most people are somewhat familiar with hypnosis and subliminal technology but are reluctant to use them as serious self-help tools. In large part this is due to the fact that they’ve been mired in mystique, urban legend, and disinformation. The truth is that both self-hypnosis and subliminal communication are backed by extensive research that demonstrates their efficacy. More important, once learned, they can be customized for any situation and used almost anytime and anywhere.

Join Eldon Taylor on your own self-improvement exploration using the tools in this book and on the accompanying audio download. Experience hypnosis and subliminal patterning for yourself!
Eldon Taylor has been researching the power of the mind for over 25 years. He has testified as an expert court witness with regards to both subliminal communication and hypnosis. Eldon has been called ‘the master of the mind,’ and is the creator of the patented InnerTalk technology – the only such technology to be researched by numerous independent universities and institutions, and be demonstrated effective. Eldon is a Fellow in the American Psychotherapy Association and a certified hypnotherapist.
Product Details ISBN: 9781401937584
ISBN-10: 1401937586
Publisher: Hay House LLC
Publication Date: October 1st, 2012
Pages: 240
Language: English
“Don’t wait another day to achieve your dreams and goals! Eldon Taylor’s guide for self-hypnosis and subliminal messages will show you how to liberate the creative power of your mind to realize success, self-improvement, health, happiness, and well-being. Create your own program with Eldon’s proven tools for easy use at home, on the road, anywhere!”
— Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of Develop Your Miracle Mind Consciousness

“Do you want to be manipulated by those who understand how your mind works? No! So read this book and gain confidence in using subliminal-learning strategies. They are powerful techniques for manifesting your highest potential. Dr. Eldon Taylor has made this technology very accessible. Kudos!”
— Emma Bragdon, Ph.D.,author of Resources for Extraordinary Healing

“While pioneering psychologist Sigmund Freud is said to have chiefly concerned himself with the negative and destructive habits of the subliminal self—“the rats and beetles in the cellarage,” as Aldous Huxley referred to it—Frederic W. H. Myers, another pioneer of the subliminal, was more focused on the hidden or buried treasures ignored by Freud. Eldon Taylor continues in the tradition of Myers, searching below the threshold of consciousness for meaningful processes and powers that enrich our lives and give purpose to them.”
— Michael Tymn, author of The Afterlife Revealed, The Afterlife Explorers, and Transcending the Titanic

“Eldon Taylor’s penetrating approach to hypnosis and the mind skips the non-sense and gets to the bottom line of making your life better, right now. If you know what you want, feel ready for change, or sense there is a repeating cycle in the works, this is the workbook that can change your life.”
— Gillian Holloway, Ph.D., author of The Complete Dream Book

“For those who want the facts, and ‘just the facts, ma’am,’ Eldon Taylor’s new book, Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology, is a gold mine. This treasure is filled with brief yet complete explanations of the means by which we can quantum leap through a lifetime’s worth of mental and emotional debris with the latest technolo-gies. In fact, Eldon, the world’s leading authority on subliminal communication, actu-ally includes instructions on both self-hypnosis and subliminal modalities you can custom fit to your needs to empower any area of your life. I’ve used his techniques for years, and believe me—they work! It’s the best how-to book I’ve read in a very long time.”
— Angelina Heart, author, teacher, and facilitator of the Twin Flame pathway

“The power of the mind, the power of thought, the power of our beliefs—in this wonderful book, Eldon Taylor will show you how to use your own mind to create a life of joy, abundance, and success. Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology documents the research done on the mind, how hypnosis works, why it works, and how to use self-hypnosis to build a strong mind and belief system. This book also goes on to give you the tools necessary to build a solid foundation for changing your own self-defeating DNA, social programming, and other negative thoughts that are preventing you from reaching your highest potential or inner savant. A must read for all those truly interested in creating a life that is fun, exciting, and filled with adventures of the spirit.”
— Charles Lightwalker, author of Medical Intuition Handbook and founder of the Spokane Holistic Chamber of Commerce

“The future of self-care is now with this comprehensive guide for self-regulation and self-health. You owe it to yourself to learn and use the powerful tools Eldon provides in this impressive book.”
— C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., author of Energy Medicine

“This new book by Eldon Taylor is truly a gripping read. Eldon brings his fascinating life experiences to bear in a genuinely inspiring and uplifting way. I think anyone with my professional interest will find this book very helpful.”
— Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D., author of Life After Life

“For more than three decades, as I studied the brain, unbeknownst to me, Eldon Taylor thoroughly studied the mind. Fortunately, I have had the privilege to meet Eldon and to read his wonderful books. In Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology, he explains the power of the mind/brain/matter connection and how we can fashion a few incredible tools for self-improvement. Every seeker’s bookshelf should have this book!”
— John L. Turner, M.D., neurosurgeon and author of Medicine, Miracles, & Manifestations