Tangier: The Earliest Battle Honour (Hardcover)

Tangier: The Earliest Battle Honour By John Hawkins Cover Image

Tangier: The Earliest Battle Honour (Hardcover)


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Explore Tangier's occupation through vivid characters and unravel the complexities of colonial aspirations, deceit, corruption, and international influences in this historical narrative.

In 1661 Portugal ceded Tangier to Charles II as part of Catherine of Braganza's dowry settlement. Thus started the adventure known as 'English Tangier' whereby the Stuart monarch spent a king's ransom defending a city perched precariously on the North African coast surrounded by hostile powers.

Woven into the historical fabric of the 17th century, this is a compelling narrative history bringing to life the characters that comprised English Tangier, and the greed, ambition and religious fervor which drove the political maneuverings, ignited the emotions and produced acts of extreme heroism in the struggle to impose British rule on an alien culture.

The book describes the surreal reality of life in Tangier, the Tangier Regiment, the developing army tradition of dashing gallantry and unselfish bravery, and other regiments holding the earliest battle honor - 'Tangier'.

It also highlights the actions of those who determined the development of the town and its eventual fate. We see the results of decisions made by Charles II and his brother the Duke of York (soon to be James II), the qaids and sultans of Morocco, the Spanish Duke of Medina, Samuel Pepys and the successive governors of Tangier.
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Publication Date: February 1st, 2024
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