Virtues Constellation (Reborn) (Paperback)

Virtues Constellation (Reborn) By Justin a. Williams, Robbie Grayson (Cover Design by) Cover Image

Virtues Constellation (Reborn) (Paperback)

By Justin a. Williams, Robbie Grayson (Cover Design by)


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On the historic campus of the fictional Parthenon University lies Potential Street, a non-descript alley lined by the University's twelve clubs. Each club bears a sign of the Zodiac. The most notorious of the clubs is Pithon which has housed the ancient Greek deities in order to seize absolute political power in North America. All it needs to complete its devious plan is to have one qualifying student from each of the twelve Zodiac Signs participate on their birthdays in Virtues Constellation, a mega-spell that will consolidate all the power of the other clubs under Pithon.

Twenty-one-year-old Christian Belvedere, a third-generation Parthenon senior and recently diagnosed bipolar, seems to be the only student aware of sinister happenings taking place in Pithon. Unfortunately, Christian's efforts to bring this information to the attention of the school's board has earned him behavioral probation, specifically for his allegations against seventy-two students of Pithon who he learns aren't students at all, but deposed Greek gods. He regards this punishment a death sentence for the school and the rest of humanity when he is forced to submit to medical treatment in order to be readmitted and graduate on time.

But this isn't the first time Christian has had to choose between two extremes. Should he give in to the psychosis that reveals to him ever deepening levels of the treachery happening on Parthenon, or does he simply follow the doctor's orders? If he is to graduate on time and protect Parthenon from the ruin that the resurrected Greek gods have in store for the campus, he will have to start making choices that weigh true heroism against ambition and personal loss against the ultimate sacrifice.

Product Details ISBN: 9781088089835
ISBN-10: 1088089836
Publisher: Traitmarker Books
Publication Date: April 17th, 2023
Pages: 370
Language: English
Series: Reborn