Vautrin - Volume 3, Issue 1, Winter 2021 (Paperback)

Vautrin - Volume 3, Issue 1, Winter 2021 By Todd Robins (Editor) Cover Image

Vautrin - Volume 3, Issue 1, Winter 2021 (Paperback)

By Todd Robins (Editor)


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Life, liberty… chicanery, survival and revenge. Jefferson would have put that in, but they couldn’t get funding for a magazine. So they made it a declaration instead.

Down in the basement where we keep the Vautrin press, all manner of pamphlets and propaganda infiltrate the collective unconscious. The Winter 2021 issue is laced with agendas and hidden messages. The goal has always been to make millions. Retire early. It’s the same for any literary endeavor.

In this issue:

Blair Kroeber | Gingerbread
A Jubilant Fruit kiosk-kind of revenge.

Saira Viola | Monkey Fizz
Kat Sloane could do with a shot of cash.

Alison Katon | Godspeed
Megan just wanted to get away, up highway 41 to Green Bay.

Brian Silverman | Where the Happy People Go
Phil Trullo ushers in the New Year.

Leslie Elman | The Troll Was An Old Man
The women at this funeral have a little something in common.

Michael Bracken | Crush
Bryce is a great catch. Her suitors mean business.

Emilee Prado | Envy the Animals
Rendezvous at Hegira.

Albert Tucher | The Zen of Mickey D’s
Diana’s adventure in higher learning.

Scott Phillips | War Eagle
Creeping around a boxcar, checking for bulls. Excerpt from a work-in-progress.

Wendy Purcell | Planting a Money Tree
An utterly reasonable proposition.

Paul J. Garth | Aperture
Jefferson needs a shot.

Rob Pierce | China, My China
What kind of people go on a dig?

James Sallis | Revenance
Random sounds, open chambers, baffled passageways.

Divya Mehrish | Crimson
In which Carys ponders her regrets.

Paul Dee Fecteau | Liber ‘LXIII vel The Gematria of Lee Harvey Oswald
The second installment of this Vautrin series finds the young screenwriter attempting to decipher hidden meanings in the aliases of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Book Review:

Bruce Jacobs | An Unconventional Rabbi
Bad deeds are Tod Goldberg’s bread and butter.
Product Details ISBN: 9780983679950
Publisher: Todd Robins
Publication Date: November 4th, 2021