Leftover Pie: 101 Ways to Reduce Your Food Waste (Paperback)

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In a world where a billion people go to bed hungry, how is it ok to waste a third of the food we produce?

Leftover Pie helps people understand why food waste is such an important issue. It shows we have reached a point in the history of food production where we need to rethink our path. To avoid the serious environmental problems of soil depletion, loss of biodiversity and climate change we have to make some changes.

Leftover Pie shows that many people are already thinking about doing things a bit differently. While still creating and sharing wonderful meals they are really making the most of their food and making sure that they are getting best value from it, including gaining value from the food that might be overlooked as waste.

By looking at the history, philosophy and psychology of food and food waste and providing inspiring solutions, Leftover Pie aims to encourage more people to make the change to a sustainable food future.

Leftover Pie is aimed at teens and their families. The ideal reader is aged between 11 and 19 when they are starting to contribute to decision making about the food they buy and are more involved in the decisions that contribute to food being wasted.

Leftover Pie helps people to:

  • make the most of the food they buy
  • save money
  • lower their carbon footprint
  • understand why food waste is such a huge problem
  • know how best to deal with unavoidable food waste
  • contribute to an inspiring future of sustainable eating.

Leftover Pie helps local governments to:

  • highlight the food waste problem
  • show people why they need to address the problem
  • give people practical solutions to cut food waste
  • save money by making sure people understand how to deal with unavoidable waste in the correct way
  • meet their carbon reduction targets.

Leftover Pie helps schools to teach national curriculum requirements for:

  • geography -
  • chemistry
  • design and technology
  • citizenship
  • as well as helping schools save money by cutting down on waste.

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ISBN: 9780957463714
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Publisher: Green Lanes Publishing
Publication Date: September 8th, 2017
Pages: 234
Language: English