Old Enough to Know Better: The Worst of Barry Louis Polisar (Abridged / CD-Audio)

Old Enough to Know Better: The Worst of Barry Louis Polisar By Barry Louis Polisar Cover Image

Old Enough to Know Better: The Worst of Barry Louis Polisar (Abridged / CD-Audio)


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Popular children's musician Barry Louis Polisar takes a look back at his least favorite songs from his own 1970s-era albums and reworks them into brand new tunes in this two-CD compilation. Hitting the studio to tackle the "worst" from his back catalog, Polisar has re-recorded the songs and added instruments, branching out into completely new musical directions with studio help from his teenaged kids—themselves the subjects of some of his most "awful" songs. 
Barry Louis Polisar is a four-time Parents Choice Award winner who has written songs for Sesame Street and Weekly Reader; starred in an Emmy Award–winning television show for children; performed at The White House, The Smithsonian, and The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; and has been featured regularly on The Learning Channel. He has won a Special Library Recognition Award for his "ability to communicate with and excite children to read" through his books, poems, and songs. His previous CDs include Barry Louis Polisar's a Little Different; Old Dogs, New Tricks; and Teacher's Favorites. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Product Details ISBN: 9780938663423
ISBN-10: 0938663429
Abridged: Yes
Publisher: Rainbow Morning Music
Publication Date: September 28th, 2006
Pages: 1
Language: English
"Wickedly funny!"  —Parenting magazine

"A one-man symphony of comic anarchy."  —The Baltimore Sun 

"Well-targeted to a range of young listeners and presented with one of the most expressive voices in the genre."  —Sing Out!

"Holy Doody balls! I love Barry Louis Polisar. He is a genius at what he does. My hero."  —The Washington Post

"Keeps kids in stitches!"  —The Miami Herald

"Barry Louis Polisar is a kid's music legend."  —Newsday's Parent & Children Magazine

"If Raffi can be called the Bob Dylan of children's music, then I'll compare Barry Louis Polisar to the rougher, edgier Phil Ochs."  —Kathy O'Connell, host, WXPN Radio's Kids Corner

"Filled with comic rebellion and mixed with an innate understanding of childhood."  —Georgia Family Magazine