Fragments & Fictions (Hardcover)

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William Peden has lived the literary life, distinguished author, critic, contributor to the old Saturday Review, founder of the University of Missouri Press, and beloved teacher. If there is a Blarney Stone in writing, Peden has kissed it.

Fragments & Fictions is like a written "photo album" of Peden's long journey from his student days in Virginia to his many travels throughout the United States and Mexico. In this series of fragments, William Peden transforms his many years of experience into immediate and transcendent moments - the saloons of St. Louis, a pearly dawn outside Taos at the grave of D.H. Lawrence, a man with the Lord's Prayer engraved on his gold tooth - until each moment becomes a mirror for the entire history of the writer's literature and life.

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ISBN: 9780922820108
Publisher: Watermark Press
Publication Date: October 1st, 1990
Pages: 206