Recorder of Births & Deaths (Paperback)

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Recorder of Births & Deaths (Paperback)


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In this volume of unique stories, Joyce plows the same field as his first book - the rubble of the American Dream, and uncovers tales of magic, realism and yearning.

From his hilarious account of a love affair between members of the "senior set" (Mrs. Bowles Lover) to the frankly mystical account of how his grandfather was chewed up piece by piece in a steel mill (My Grandfather's Bones), Joyce writes in a way that is unclassifiable. It is even possible to find the ghost of Kafka haunting the title story.

But it is clear that Joyce is committed to his message.
Product Details ISBN: 9780922820085
Publisher: Watermark Press
Publication Date: March 1st, 1990
Pages: 218