Wedlock (Paperback)

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Wedlock (Paperback)


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In "Wedlock", a high school baseball star returns to his hometown after failing in the minor leagues. This schizophrenic loser proceeds to haunt his ex-wife in a tale that is wracked by pettiness and terror. Through the eyes of the protagonist, Lon, a number of marriages are illuminated in the low light of Spencer's peculiar angst.

Samson, the second major novella in this collection, follows the tumbles and tribulations of a small-time professional wrestler who finds himself in the stranglehold of his own bigamous life, his two households, and his eccentric relationships.

Spencer's world is the American underclass. He writes with start simplicity in the tradition of Lee K. Abbot and Raymond Carver - and the effect crackles with tension.
Product Details ISBN: 9780922820023
Publisher: Watermark Press
Publication Date: April 1st, 1990
Pages: 156