The Sun in Capricorn (Hardcover)

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The Sun in Capricorn (Hardcover)


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Set amid the exotic rhythms and political turmoil of Brazil in the 1970's, this elegant novel is a compelling blend of thriller, murder mystery, and love story.

Rosenblatt's unlikely hero is an American Professor of Literature named Jonathan who teaches poetry and fiction to students in Rio. In a single unguarded instant Jonathan is catapulted into a widening gyre of danger and intrigue when he is photographed with Brazil's most infamous urban guerrilla. Through a series of tension-ridden scenes, the guerrilla becomes Jonathan's doppleganger.

Rosenblatt's prose vibrates with the pulse of Brazil, its scintillating music and its blatantly hedonistic people, all with an undercurrent of violence. As these forces whirl about Professor Jonathan, he undertakes an evaluation of his life, of his love for his wife and children, and of his commitment to literature.

In an age of literary cynicism, The Sun in Capricorn is a brave and positive novel.
Product Details ISBN: 9780922820009
Publisher: Watermark Press
Publication Date: September 1st, 1989
Pages: 185