Still Complaining (Paperback)

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Still Complaining (Paperback)


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Once again we are blessed with yet another collection of Jim Foster's ravings. His first book, I hate to complain, but with its views on everything from bank mergers to the author's 30-year love affair with Sophia Loren, is being hailed as a classic example - though of what no one is quite sure.

Readers will be amazed at the depth of the author's knowledge on just about any subject and his total inability to keep it to himself.

What should you do if a comet falls on you at 1000 mph?

What are the best pick-up lines for the man or woman looking for romance?

Why doesn t Julia Roberts shave her underarms?

All this and many other bits of useless information will have Canadians from coast to coast chuckling out loud, popping their eyes in wonder and simply scratching their heads in bewilderment.

Jim Foster is a humour columnist for the Orillia Packet and Times, the Owen Sound Sun Times, the Midland Free Press and the Collingwood Enterprise-Bulletin. He is a contributing writer for Dave Broadfoot's Comedy Crusade and TV Specials. He is a gag writer for Playboy magazine, a reader at the Stephen Leacock Museum and a popular public speaker in Central Ontario.
Product Details ISBN: 9780888822413
ISBN-10: 0888822413
Publisher: Dundurn Press
Publication Date: November 1st, 2001
Pages: 260
Language: English