Drafting for the Theatre (Paperback)

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Drafting for the Theatre (Paperback)


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In this newly revised second edition, veteran stage designers and technical directors Dennis Dorn and Mark Shanda introduce industry-standard drafting and designing practices with step-by-step discussions, illustrations, worksheets, and problems to help students develop and refine drafting and other related skills needed for entertainment set production work. By incorporating the foundational principles of both hand- and computer-drafting approaches throughout the entire book, the authors illustrate how to create clear and detailed drawings that advance the production process. 

Early chapters focus on the basics of geometric constructions, orthographic techniques, soft-line sketching applications, lettering, and dimensioning. Later chapters discuss real-life applications of production drawing and ancillary skills such as time and material estimation and shop-drawing nomenclature. Two chapters detail a series of design and shop drawings required to mount a specific design project, providing a guided path through both phases of the design/construction process. Most chapters conclude with one or more worksheets or problems that provide readers with an opportunity to test their understanding of the material presented. 

The authors' discussion of universal CAD principles throughout the manuscript provides a valuable foundation that can be used in any computer-based design, regardless of the software. Dorn and Shanda treat the computer as another drawing tool, like the pencil or T-square, but one that can help a knowledgeable drafter potentially increase personal productivity and accuracy when compared to traditional hand-drafting techniques. 

Drafting for the Theatre, second edition assembles in one book all the principal types of drawings, techniques, and conventional wisdom necessary for the production of scenic drafting, design, and shop drawings. It is richly illustrated with numerous production examples and is fully indexed to assist students and technicians in finding important information. It is structured to support a college-level course in drafting, but will also serve as a handy reference for the working theatre professional.
Product Details ISBN: 9780809330379
ISBN-10: 0809330377
Publisher: Southern Illinois University Press
Publication Date: February 23rd, 2012
Pages: 320
Language: English

“Good drafting is the backbone of the all-important graphic communication, from designer to shop to craftsman. This is a thorough treatment of an important part of our business.”—Joe Tilford, professional set designer and dean of the School of Design and Production at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts

“The first edition of Drafting for the Theatre was an excellent teaching text. The thoughtful layout and lessons made teaching drafting for technical theatre easy and comprehensive. Drafting for the Theatre still holds its relevance as a teaching tool for drafting for technical theatre today, but Mark and Dennis have corrected errors contained in the first edition and have included a comprehensive discussion of CAD that helps to lay the foundation for current trends in drafting for serious technical theatre students.”—Joe Aldridge, entertainment engineering and design coordinator at the University of Nevada–Las Vegas