Simple Cooking with Chef H (Paperback)

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This cookbook has 90 easy to follow recipes and 45 of those recipes will have videos.If you have a QR reader on your smart phone it will be like having a personal cooking class in your own kitchen. There is not another cookbook like it.

About the Author

My appreciation of good food and fine wine began after my three years of living in Germany. I first learned to cook German food from my two German aunts who took great pains to introduce me to their culture and their love of food and wine. I enjoyed many a Sunday dinner at their home and was lucky enough to keep those memories alive and chronicled, so that someday I would re- create those enjoyable dinners. For many years after living in Germany, my career and family took precedent and I did nothing to hone my cooking skills, but because I traveled quite a bit, I took the opportunity to meet Chefs and get many recipes. I was remarkably successful in my quest to get recipes, or at least a list of ingredients, for particular dishes. I found these Chefs cooperative and willing to share their craft with a perfect stranger from Wichita. On one visit to a 5 star restaurant in Philadelphia the chef actually sent me his 7 page kitchen notes for a salad I enjoyed. That salad has been my signature dish for over 25 years. I was not just satisfied with creating good food, but proper wine selections as well. I learned this from Aunts Tini and Alice in Germany. For me cooking was a great way to end the day after stressful business decisions and a way to be creative. Great dishes, great wine. About 20 years ago I agreed to collaborate with Susan Peters from KAKE and we became a team that was auctioned at the Catholic Charities Annual Cruise Night Event fundraiser, and it gave me a chance to showcase my skills to a new audience. I also then agreed to such benefits for Botanica, Exploration Place, and Newman University. During that time I took some classes at the Inn at Sedgwick from Lou Cox and the Napa Valley cookbook author, Hugh Carpenter. Most recently I enjoyed giving Sunday morning cooking demonstrations at William Sonoma, Bradley Fair. I also had an opportunity to have cooking spots called “Cooking with Chef H “ on local television. That opportunity lasted 3 ½ years.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780692788639
Publisher: ChefH
Publication Date: October 29th, 2016