Creative Therapy for Children in New Families (Paperback)

Creative Therapy for Children in New Families By Angela Hobday, Angela Kirby, Kate Ollier Cover Image

Creative Therapy for Children in New Families (Paperback)


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This book contains a range of activities designed to help children who have moved to new families, for example through fostering or adoption, to overcome emotional difficulties.
  • Encourages creativity in therapy with children who have moved to new families through fostering, adoption, or other means.

  • Contains a broad range of activities designed to help these children overcome emotional difficulties in a gentle and positive atmosphere, as well as guidelines about how, when, where, and at what age to use them.

  • Includes activities such as 'Family Web', 'Pick up a Privilege', 'The Anger Debugging Kit' and 'I Can Do It (Now)' that can be used by therapists or caregivers as part of, or to supplement, many different therapeutic approaches.

  • Most are appropriate for use where the child is in long-term care, or when the plan is that they should not return to their birth family.

  • All are suitable for both boys and girls.

Angela Hobday, BSc, MSc (Clin. Psych.) is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of the Clinical Psychology Service to Children and Adolescents, King's Lynn, and Wisbech Hospitals NHS Trust, UK. In addition to working directly with children and families, she lectures at the University of East Anglia and teaches other professionals, including in the specialist area of fostering and adoption. She has personal experience of being a foster carer and adoptive parent. Angela Kirby obtained her doctorate at the University of Leicester in 1997. She is also a qualified primary school teacher and has worked as a clinical psychologist with children with learning disabilities and in a child and adolescent mental health service. She presently works with children and adolescents in a paediatric setting in King's Lynn with Angela Hobday. Kate Ollier, BSc, MPsych, has also worked as a Psychologist in King's Lynn, UK, as well as with the Disability Services Commission and the Mildred Creak Centre for Autistic Children, Australia. She has recently taken up a post in the State Child Development Centre, Perth, WA.
Product Details ISBN: 9780631236009
ISBN-10: 0631236007
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Publication Date: November 22nd, 2002
Pages: 152
Language: English
Series: Creative Therapy